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How To Clean Your Keyboard

Regardless of how careful a user is, there always seem to be those little accidents around the keyboard that cannot be avoided. Whether it be crumbs, sticky fingers or spilt coffee, your keyboard may have some life left in it yet. Although keyboards are fairly inexpensive, why waste money on something that can be easily remedied? Below are a few simple solutions that may help your keyboard start working properly.


1. Compressed Air, either by Can or Compressor – A simple can of compressed air is affordable and very useful for cleaning debris and other items out of the interior or under any keys.


2. Cleaning Wipes – Although wiping a keyboard is a common practice and something anyone can do, I must remind you that it is never a safe practice to spray liquids on to electronic parts. It’s much better to spray whatever cleaner you may be using onto a rag first and then use it to wipe down your surface.


3. Vacuum – Yes! Your vacuum is a great way to get anything that may be lingering under your keyboard. Just make sure you don’t have any lose keys or you will end up having to go through the vacuum canister, or end up buying a new keyboard anyway.


Like myself, many people end up spending extensive time with their keyboard and require a certain feel. If you don’t wan’t to spend the money to purchase a new one, hopefully these tips will help lengthen the life of the one you already have.

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