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Computer Repairs and IT Support

Laptop Motherboard Repair
Fixing a laptop motherboard

We all understand if your computer network  or even one PC for your business starts going kaput you’re in deep  trouble; right? No, you’re not! That’s what our techs do every day! We fix  computers!

So, does your network have any of  these problems?

  • Not operating  correctly or optimally
  • System keeps  crashing
  • Error  messages are appearing on your screen
  • Software applications  do not open up

GNTI technicians will run a full  diagnostic check-up and pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. Our  technicians will then resolve the problem and run a full maintenance test to  ensure there are no other problems and that your computer and/or network is  operating optimally.

Find out more how GNTI can help you with your computer repairs today!

Data Recovery & IT Backup Tools

Hard Drive and Stethoscope
Recovering Data from your Hard Drive like a Dr.

Do not overlook the importance of  the data you have on your network and/or computer. Losing data through hardware  failure or accidental deletion can be disastrous. The loss of data often comes  at a huge expense to your business. Our technicians are experts at tracing and  recalling lost data. The quicker you call us the faster we’ll be there to find  your data for you.

GNTI can help you set up a back-up  program that ensures a copy of your data is stored on a weekly basis. The  back-up can be done either at your premises or remotely by our technicians.

GNTI advises that you create a  backup of your data and store it securely in a remote location from your  business premises.

Internet Access & Networking Upgrades

There are a lot of internet  options, from DSL/ADSL to Cable Broadband to Wireless Broadband. GNTI will work  with you to determine the best solution to fit your needs and budget. We will  ensure you fully understand the difference between each available plan and the  service providers available to you. We will help you connect and make sure it  is properly configured both to your private network and/or individual computer  systems.

What is Broadband?
A single cable carrying a high  speed transmission that contains a large amount of data at one time is  considered “broadband”. The most common types of internet broadband  connections are cable modems (which use the same connection as cable T.V. and  DSL modems (which use your existing phone line).

What is DSL?
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a  method of transferring data over regular copper telephone lines.

What  is Wireless?
A wireless card in your computer  transmits to a wireless router. The Wireless router is either connected to a  cable modem (broadband) or DSL modem, which provides internet access to anyone  connected to the wireless network.

Experience Network Problems?

People aren’t the only ones that  experience communication issues. If your  computers are refusing to talk to each other, you need fast on-site service.  Next time your network goes down give us a call and we’ll get them talking to  each other again.

Want  to install a network or not sure if you need a network?
Our technicians  will work with you to assess your requirements and provide a solution to meet  your needs.

Do  you find all this intimidating and not easy to understand?
Before any  work is performed we will consult with you and help you to assess your options.

Your  security
We will ensure the security and protection of your documents, emails and  programs, and resolve any queries you may have.

Additional  Support
Once your network is up and running we can also provide training and an  aftercare service to support you and your business.

Virus & Spyware?

First  let’s answer the following question:
What is a Virus?
Computer “viruses” are small programs or scripts that can negatively affect  the “health” of your computer…and your network These malicious little  programs can create, move, or erase files, as well as consuming your computer  memory. Some viruses can duplicate themselves and travel across networks.

Doesn’t sound good, does it?

What is Spyware?
Nobody likes to be spied  on…neither does your computer or your network.

Spyware can capture information  like passwords, credit card information, usernames, web browsing habits and  emails. If left unchecked, the software is capable of transmitting this data to  another person’s computer over the internet.

GNTI technicians have the latest  software to:

  • Allow the diagnose  of viral problems
  • Eliminate  infections and vaccinate your computer for its future well-being

GNTI can install your own computer  firewall. A firewall limits the data that can pass through and protects a  networked server or computer from invasion and damage by unauthorized  intruders.

Computer Networking

What is a Computer Network?
When you have two or more computers connected to each other, that’s a network. The purpose of a network is to enable:

  • File-sharing
  • Internet access
  • Information between multiple systems

Computer networks can be connected through cables, such as Ethernet cables, phone lines, or wireless. Networks utilize network cards that send and receive data over the airwaves.

Private Cloud

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