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Computer Networking

Computer Networking

A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of hardware components and computers interconnected by communications channels that allow sharing of resources and information.  GNTI specializes in computer networking.

Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics such as the medium used to transport the data, communications protocol used, scale, topology, and organizational scope.

The rules and data formats for exchanging information in a computer network are defined by communications protocols. Well-known communications protocols are Ethernet, a hardware and Link Layer standard that is ubiquitous in local area networks, and the Internet Protocol Suite, which defines a set of protocols for internetworking, i.e. for data communication between multiple networks, as well as host-to-host data transfer, and application-specific data transmission formats.

Computer networking is sometimes considered a sub-discipline of electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer science, information technology or computer engineering, since it relies upon the theoretical and practical application of these disciplines.

Businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from creating a network. Home users can enjoy sharing music, movies and printers from any computer.

File Sharing
Computers connected to a network can share files and documents with each other. Personal computers connected to a business network can choose which files and folders are available to share on the network.

Computers can print pages to another computer with a printer on the network. Additionally, printers can be connected using a print server, which allows direct printing from all computers.

Sharing Media
Sharing media between computers is easy when connected to a network. Like file sharing, computers can stream musing, videos and movies from one computer to the next.

Media Center Server
A media center server can store your entire entertainment library on a centralized hub to give quick access to your media from every computer on your network.

Video Games
Console and PC gamers benefit from networking also. You can easily set up multiplayer death matches and even host your own game server.